Thiyagalingam Prashanth

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nokia 888 communicator concept phone

Nokia 888 communicator concept phone

Now, you’re not going to see this in stores any time soon. But if you’d like to get an idea of what Nokia thinks the future of communications will look like, take a look at the Nokia 888 communicator, a concept design that recently won Nokia’s Benelux design contest. The bracelet-like 888 is envisioned to use a liquid battery, feature speech recognition, a flexible touch screen, and a touch sensitive body cover.
A video showing off the device’s potential features shows off close to a dozen functions, including an alarm clock, PDA, GPS, phone, push email receiver, digital wallet and, of course, jewelry. And, other than the “liquid battery,” we can actually see this in the not-too-distant future. Just give us some full-color E-ink, flexible OLED displays and inkjet-printed circuit boards, and we’re almost there.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NASA predicts Worldwide Holiday on Feb 1, 2019

NASA predicts Worldwide Holiday on Feb 1, 2019 as the world is scheduled to end

Even though websites / NASA says the probability is low, independent researchers have found that the impact will be towards the Asia / Africa continent. The West is dismissing reports as their biggest 2 threats, CHINA and INDIA will be eliminated with this impact.
There has been so much speculation by certain Chinese scientists that last week, Spet 05, the main researcher, Mr. Siu Lim was found dead in his laboratory but the cause of death was undetermined as a perfect fit man cannot suddenly die from a blood clot in his brain.
Researchers are encouraging Asian governments to take more interest in this matter

the second photo is terrible ....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Let your finger do the locking: flash drives with fingerprint scanners

Everyone loves the convenience of flash thumbdrives: they're inexpensive, tiny, extremely portable, and supereasy to use. Unfortunately, they're also supereasy to lose. No matter whether you're carrying around sensitive corporate files, your journal, or papers for school, you don't want anyone going through your stuff. So protect it with your fingerprint! These flash thumbdrives incorporate a fingerprint scanner that servers as the passcode into the drive. Not only can you protect the files on a drive, you can also use some of these drives to log in to various Web sites, which means you have no excuse for using the same crummy username and password over and over again. And since you can register multiple fingers on these drives, you can share the drive with someone else; just make sure it's someone trustworthy.